Monday, September 24, 2012

A Week Away

Next week I'm going to be away in another part of the city house sitting for my brother and his partner for the first week of October.  I'll be away from the comfort of my home and - strangely enough - my office full of books (yes I find them comforting, I don't know how but I do). 
This got me thinking about how many books to take with me to read and which titles.  I always take about two or three with me just in case I finish one or get bored with one and want to read the other; which makes sense.  I also take along my books that I'm working on so I can read my own works and edit what I need to in case I get the urge to write because I'm in a different environment.  I also take along my personal journal - or two if I'm coming to the end of one - to record the day and where I am.  Different places make me write differently about different things.
So, I'm wondering about what books you take on short holidays with you?  Do you pack a box full of books and hope you read them all by the end of your holiday?  Or are you the e-reader type and download a collection of books you wish to read on your time away from home?  Until my next post, happy reading.

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