Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Appreciation: 'House on the Hill' by Estelle Pinney

One of my favourite reads is by Australian author, Estelle Pinney.  She has been a close friend of mine for years and yet 'House on the Hill' has been the only book I've read of her lately.  
However, it's the most beautifully-written books I've loved as well.  It's about three sisters who live in Far North Queensland who come home to stay for a while.  It's a wonderfully-written book about their loves, losses, joys and downfalls and how their lives take twists and turns in the 1920's while living on the Hill.

'When the sun blistered down from Castle Hill, Magnetic Island was a solace and a joy to the citizens of Townsville.  Its hills and beaches were less than an hour away by motor launch.  The surrounding waters were cool and crystal-clear for swimming, and the shaded paths invited lovers to take long, fruitful walks.  Waters lapped against elephantine boulders and parenthesised sequestered covers and secret bays of sand and sea
Fred had kept his promise and Ocean Spray made her way to the island at a modest five knots.  With fresh white paint gleaming, she bounced along on a frisky sea.  The wheelhouse, painted a shade of brick, had reminded Molly when she was first saw it of the stevedore's office down at the wharf.'

I love her way with words as Estelle takes me along with her in this book.  In the above excerpt, from the beginning of Chapter 12, I can smell the salty winds coming off the water, feel the heat of the sun and want to go swimming because it all sounds so very inviting.  And even Fred's little boat sounds pretty nice, even going at a small five knots... but how it looks is just lovely (even if I don't quite remember who Fred is right now).  

This book is a wonderful book to have in your collection - and as it's by a great Aussie author, who lives in Brisbane still - I recommend you find yourself a copy of it and her other books such as 'Burnt Sunshine' and 'Time Out For Living' as they are all set around Queensland and well-written books as well.  Estelle Pinney is one author who is for every generation of our times.  Until my next post, happy reading. 

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  1. Estelle Pinney is a new author to me. I look forward to seeking out one of her books.