Thursday, September 13, 2012

Book Blogging Appreciation Week

I have done a dreadful thing.  Honestly!  I have taken part in this wonderful event and didn't have a clue that there were daily events to take part in.  

But this is my first year on this; so really, this is a learning curve.

I hope I can catch up with most of what I need to do in a couple of posts.  Jeez, this really makes me sound desperate, doesn't it?  Okay... here goes.

Monday's topic:  Appreciation.  There's so many blogs I have on my side bar which cover the topic of books, reviewing and blogging about books, it's hard to pick just one.  However, after having a few days to think about it, I would like to choose these blogs (I can't pick just the one like I'm supposed to, sorry) that have really made an impact on me and have been wonderful to read.

The New Dork Review of Books 

The Story Factory Reading Zone

Captivated Reader 

I have had a wonderful time reading through these three particular blogs at some point or another while browsing my own blog; and I'm always adding more blogs onto my side bar that attract me to them to read.  It doesn't matter what these blogs look like to me, it's always been the content that attracts me to them; and isn't that always the main attraction - if not the first thing - in appreciating a book blog?


  1. Thanks for including me as one of the blogs you read! Content is always a big factor in the blogs we choose to read, isn't it?

    1. Content is a big thing when I read a blog... if it doesn't inform me and keep me entertained (no matter what it looks like or how plain it appears), I don't want to know about it.

      However, if you can mix the two - the blog looking beautiful without it looking gaudy, and entertainment - well, you're onto a winner in anyone's books! :D

  2. Glad you have managed to post even if it was a bit late.