Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King

Roland's back in the second book of this great series.  His mind is still on the Dark Tower, but now, he's on a mission, this is to draw three.  However, he starts out on a beach - where the first book left him sitting, watching the sun set.  He begins to walk north and finds his first door.
Through this - another two doors - Roland finds he can enter into certain people's minds and into their lives, controlling them to a certain extent, to help them realise he needs them to find the Dark Tower.  This first person was easy to talk into this; as Eddie ended up not having anyone to turn to and went with Roland easily.
However, the other two doors were the real challenge.  There was The Lady, who was Odetta Holmes who was a lovely, sweet, Southern woman who was crippled only a few years before.  However, it was the other woman in the shadows of her mind Eddie and Roland had to be careful of... the scary, fearful one who made it difficult for either of them to sleep at night on the beach, or to turn their backs on her for a moment.
The last door of the three was the clincher... the one that tied the whole three of these people together for Roland.  But he didn't know this until he stepped through it and into the mind of a man whose hatred was so strong, he didn't dare take him back through the door; instead, he had other plans for him.

I found this book one I couldn't put down.  Even though I've been battling a cold lately, I have found myself fighting off closing my eyes late at night to read to the end of a chapter, and end up having to stop reading so I can be fresh enough the next day to remember what I've read.  Yep, Stephen King has pulled me into his wonderful ways of story-telling yet again and I know he won't let go until he's finished creeping me out.  However, don't read this book on its own, read it along with the other books in the Dark Tower Series; there's now eight of them.  And I found turned around and made me laugh in this book when he mentioned another character from 'The Stand' in it and it gave me a shiver.

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