Thursday, September 13, 2012

BBAW - What Book Blogging Means To Me

I've been reviewing books for a few years now; and I started out doing this to see if anyone would read about old, first edition children's books and would like my opinions on books I've read.  It turns out that my ideas were valued by quite a few people out in cyberspace.

As my confidence grew, I thought to build up my blog into something that was a little different and began talking about authors and bookstores.  The more I talked about the people who wrote our favourite reads, the more I wanted to talk about them.  And seeing my obsession with books was something I loved, I found I loved blogging about anything to do with books on almost any day - sometimes twice a day.

I enjoy blogging about books because it's what makes people happy - as well as me.  I know there are people like me out there who are just as collectively obsessed with books as I am.  It's the sharing of knowledge in such an easy way - through the internet - that I love.  We can gather together on a blog and chat and talk about anything to do with one subject and totally enjoy a single thought process and know that - even though we're on different sides of the planet - we're mentally on the same page.

Blogging has become a bit of a big thing for me.  However, book blogging is a special amount of time I put aside each week where I carefully chose what I'm going to say because I know it's going to a particular audience... much like books and the way they're written.  I love book blogging because it's about what's on the page, the beauty of books, the very art of writing and how people's minds and imaginations are opened up to the world through the written word.  
Books - and what is written in them - makes an author vulnerable to reviewers and readers.  Blogging does a similar thing.  I blog about something I'm passionate about - I'm putting it out there for the public to see - and it's something everyone knows about.  However, I have found that not a single person has said anything horrible about my passion of books.  Well... not yet.  

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