Saturday, September 1, 2012

Father's Day

It's going to be Father's Day tomorrow and I still don't have a present for my Dad.  Well, I did plan to get him something, but the place I wanted to go to had closed down 2 months ago!  Now, how did that happen without me knowing?

Well, today, I'm off to find my Dad a good present that he'll use and not just leave on a shelf and let gather dust.  And this got me wondering.  What are you planning - or have you gotten your Dad if you live in the Northern Hemisphere - for Father's Day?  Was a book, a series of books, a fine wine, a bottle of scotch, a holiday away?  Let us all know.  

This weekend, I'm taking up Saturday to be with my Dad.  And tomorrow - the day of the occasion - is for my brother, Gabe, who is also a Dad of a 12 year old.  So, it's quite apt for them to hang out on the day and have a meal together... two Dads.  Now, that's how it ought to be, hanging out for a meal and a few beers in the city.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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  1. My dad is really into suduko, crossword puzzles, math, running, and horse racing, so I've purchased him various books on the the above mentioned topics over the years. Otherwise I just spend time with him on Father's Day.