Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Today, it's Father's Day in Australia.  However, I'm here at home on the net all blocked up in the head with a cold.  Not a pleasant experience.  Actually, over the weekend, I haven't slept all that well, so I've been picking up 'The Drawing of the Three' by Stephen King to help me through the rougher hours.  However, once the light was switched off, I had worse hours ahead of me.
I hate being sick.  And what's worse is that it takes so long to get better.  Seeing I don't get sick very often, I have been guzzling into the Cranberry Juice and trying to keep myself eating the right food; as I eat like no tomorrow when it comes to colds.
But, as I wrote yesterday, I was going out to Garden City to look for a gift for my Dad; and I found it!  I bought two bottles of wine for him at Liquor Land.  They were good too; a brand I've never heard of but they were Australian, so that was good at least.  Anyway, after I picked up a few other things I needed around the place, I caught a bus to Springwood and walked through Centro Mall and bought my 'Good Reading' Magazine and to Mum and Dad's place to give him his present.  Well, he loved it!
I ended up staying there for the afternoon, munching on nibblies and playing darts with them.  The one thing Dad didn't know about me was that I could play the game; and I wasn't too bad at it either.  I don't tell too many people I can play darts, but then, I don't get asked to play the game much, so it's not really a game people play now.  I arrived home early and made a nice dinner of hot comfort food with plenty of garlic and watched 'Shrek'.  I didn't get much reading done, but that doesn't matter, I was hanging out with my Dad.  So, what have you guys been doing for your Dad on Father's Day?  Or if it's been and gone in June, what did you do for him then?  Until my next post, happy reading.     

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