Monday, December 17, 2012

'A Christmas Carol' By Charles Dickens

It's Christmas and Mr Scrooge's business partner, Marley is dead.  But he has no time to mourn is passing; no, none at all.  He quickly organises Marley's funeral and returns back to work, where his office is lit by only the fewest of candles and warmed by the smallest amount of coal in the furnace.  Without the fireplace going, Scrooge's workplace is dark, cold and without the happiness of the outside world.  And seeing so much happiness of the festive season, he has turned his desk so he doesn't have to face it and he can work on without knowing it's there.
Seven years pass by, Marley's name is still on the sign out the front of the business.  Scrooge hasn't bothered to take it off the front as he didn't see the use to.  Bob Cratchit sits trying to warm himself by his meagre fire as he wraps himself warmly in his clothes, which have been patched and re-patched by his wife; attempting to work as his teeth chatter against the cold.  He wishes he could nab another piece of coal, but Scrooge has that securely locked up on his desk and key for the box of coal within reach.

Yes, Scrooge is a mean, miserly old man.  He won't spend the money on anyone or anything if he doesn't think he needs to.

Until this Christmas Eve, when Marley shows up at his house, haunting him - trying to scare him - into changing his mind just a little of what the Christmas spirit is about.  Marley tells him of three Christmas Spirits that will visit him that night - Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future - all of whome will try to convince Scrooge that if he keeps travelling his current path he will not like what happens.  However, will Scrooge believe in his heart enough to change?

I have been meaning to read this story of Charles Dickens' for some time.  And after seeing a movie of it a few weeks back on television, I picked out the book of Christmas Short Stories by this very author, and I began reading a little each night before bed.  And I gotta say, I do love his style.  It's wonderful and brilliant.  I really didn't like Scrooge to begin with but by the end, he turned out to be okay; and realised his mistakes.  Charles Dickens will be an author I will most definitely revisit in the future.  Until my next post, happy reading!  

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