Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Shopping All Done!

Being a person who has a limited amount of money in my bank account each fortnight, I have learned from experience over the years to plan my Christmas spending months ahead; even to start my shopping almost right at the finish of the previous Christmas.  I know that sounds dreadful, but it does pay to shop around as soon as possible.  

Well, yesterday, my nearest Westfield Shopping Centre had a 1-Day Sale.  And did I pick the wrong day to go!  I should have waited until next week to try out going to pick up my Christmas shopping.  But then, I don't like leaving all my present shopping until the very last minute (but I do know somebody in my family who does!  Yep, I'm looking in my Dad's direction here). Anyway, I found everything I wanted under the one air-conditioned roof while battling the crowds with children, teenagers, and parents who had strollers that had seemed to  go just about anywhere but where they wanted them to go.
The good thing was that I took my time and found exactly what I needed for my family; and I also needed a few things to make a present too, namely a paintbrush.  

However, I have found out - rather recently - that QBD is the only bookstore around.  After Borders and Angus & Robertson closed up shop, QBD has been making plenty of money.  And this Christmas season, the one at Garden City at Upper Mount Gravatt has been filled with people all year round!  And why wouldn't it?  I practically haunt the place at any given week - and not just to get out of the ungodly heat in Summer.  Quite often they can order in books for me from anywhere and I only have to catch one bus to get there.  And they're slogan rings true as well:  never pay full price.  And I never have. 
Last year, my family did a Secret Santa thing to get to know new inlaws-to-be.  And so, I got my brother's fianceShe asked for the new Robin Hobb book that was coming out that year.  She had written down where to get it and how much it would cost.  But I knew QBD would have it at cheaper price and just good value.  So, I bought it from there and ended up being able to get her a bookmark, a box of dark chocolate and even added in a hand-made book-baggy I designed.  She was thrilled with it all.  
I also bought a Christmas present from QBD this year.  It's a great book for my niece, Riley, and I can't wait for her to read it and learn from it.  Riley is into the arts; and she loves to draw people, nature and animalsSo, I've been getting her books on how to draw these things.  I hope she can learn from books like I have done over the years.

So, what bookstore do you haunt at this time of the year?  Is it an old-fashioned one that's been around for a long time?  Or is it a modern one that's a franchise like QBD that has survived the modern times?  Until my next post, happy reading!      

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