Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Wish

It's been one hell of a year... and I mean, a big one for us all.  A lot has happened in the publishing world, a lot has happened in the world of writers.  And I have been reading a fair few books I don't normally read - as I'm sure you all have too.

However at this time of year, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Yuletide for the Season and a Prosperous New Year.  I do hope you keep you and your family safe and enjoy each other's company, food, presents and just treasure the time we have to spend with each other.
I say this because I've lost a few people care deeply about this year - including one of my pets - and it's not easy when your family is one member short (or two) on the first Christmas.  And yeah, I just read back and saw that I called my bird a person; well, if you guys had the opportunity to meet her, you'd find she thought she was people.

Anyway, take the time to sit back this holiday season and hang out with your family and relax.  Don't rush around on the day out on the roads - as it's the most dangerous then.  But, on the same token, I'm going to be out and about on the day too celebrating and remembering with family and stuffing myself with great, home-made foods.  I will be at the coast - where the internet sucks and is very expensive - and so I'll try to pop in here when I can and let you know about what I've been doing while there.  Otherwise, if I can't, I'll be back on 2nd, January to let you know what books I've found, what kinds of stores I wandered through that had books and what written works I enjoyed.  

Keep safe guys, enjoy all your books at this wonderful time of year and may you have a great time with your loved onesAnd until my next post, happy reading!   

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