Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to The Summer of Fun Event!

Hey!  If you're here reading this, you've managed to find time in your busier than busy Christmas shopping and organising schedule to sit down at least once today to flip through any blog you happen to follow and read for a few minutes... and if not?  Well, don't worry, you'll find the time between Christmas Day and NYE when you're stuck eating leftover turkey, chicken and other food that's weighing down the fridge.

Well, the temperatures here in Queensland's South East Corner have sky-rocketed out of control!  I've got my little air-conditioner going, Little Miss Stevie has fallen ill (and for those who don't know who she is, she's my dear little budgie I've had for 7 1/2 years) overnight with a stroke.  Poor little thing.  But she's getting there - wobbly, but surviving and enjoying every wobbly cuddle I hand out.

But I have been out and about looking into books.  And one favourite lately that I've been really thinking about is by an author people love here in Australia but not many have really enjoyed.  Graeme Base is a wonderful illustrator and story-teller with his most famous book being Animalia.  From this book, other books led on with wonderful colours, detailed drawings and such brilliant adventures to take children on, that when I pulled out the first book from my doctor's office - 'Animalia' - and started paging through it, I never remembered it being so lovely.  When I was little, I thought this book was dead boring with just the main animals being the only things to look at.  But now I looked further into the drawings and found more things that started with the letter on the page.  When I looked at the page for 'C'... there were Crimson Cats Catching Crayfish, and in amongst the picture was a collection of other things starting with the letter 'C'; like a calculator, cake, cauldron, cage with a canary in it, a castle, clown, a calendar, chair... and there were many other things beginning with 'C'.  The rest of the pages were just the same and just as colourful as well!  What a great book!  
When I arrived home late yesterday afternoon, I just had to look up Graeme's site and find out for myself how good his arts were and to see if he was still creating.  Not only is he still creating, but his website is a work of art in itself!  Just have a look at it!

Graeme Base Official Website 

I'll also put this site on the sidebar for you all to look at at your leisure.  Well, I hope you enjoy your weekend.  I have enjoyed my first day of this Summer Fun Event.  Until my next post, happy reading!    

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