Saturday, December 15, 2012

'The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones' by Pocket Books

Welcome to the secret world of Dr. Henry Jones - better known to you as Indiana Jones - professor, archaeologist and the man who can fly a plane (but not land it), carries a bull whip and a hat and never lets go of either one when the going gets tough.
Within the weathered pages of this lost journal, you'll find plenty to read.  There's treasures Dr Jones found when he was a child - and they were taken from him - and he recorded them in this journal.  He talks briefly about his mother and how little time he spent with her before she died at a very young age.  And this well-presented journal is dotted throughout with notes from - of places - but the KGB.  Yes, sadly, it had fallen into the wrong hands; and Dr. Jones' notes have been sifted through by them.  All of his friends, no matter who they were (dead or alive) have had their backgrounds checked out by the Russian Government.  Unfortunately, just when he's looking for the Crystal Skull, the journal ends; without any notes or ideas of where it will end up next.

I bought this book a couple of years ago as I'm a big Indiana Jones fan.  And I promised myself I'd read it this year; yep it was on my Mt TBR by the office door.  And this afternoon, I spent the last hour and half reading this fun book.  It was full of photos from the movies and I found it very entertaining and funny in some places.  The stories within this journal twist and turn around themselves  and work along the same lines - or similar - as the movies.  And they have letters, notes, menus, a driver's license and other things taped inside it.  It all looks great and I loved reading it.  The publishing company even got the cover right and it looks like leather; but it's really vinyl.  So, if you can get your hands on this funny and brilliant little book, do so.  It won't take long to read, and it's a lot of fun.   


  1. Sounds like a fun read. Sort of a combination diary/scrapbook! Love these type of books.

    1. If you go back and have a look again, you'll find I added in a link to a photo of the book. It looks great! And I have been meaning to read it for a while; I'm so glad I put aside the time to sit down and do just that. :D