Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Books!

Yep, you read right!  But not from me.  I've been getting free books from iTunes for some time now and have thought it high time to spread the word about it.

Now, I know I have said that I don't like e-readers or anything to do with reading on a computer too much.  However, if the books you want to read is massively huge and you wish to take it somewhere with you, it makes sense to put the whole thing on your iPod, iPad or iPhone through the free books on iTunes.  I figured this out when I wanted to download something to read while I was on the bus back from Brunswick Heads; and wanted to read something good.  And instead of spending any money, I typed into the search box: free books.  Well, a ton of them popped up and I was searching through hundreds of books from all kinds of genres.  I was in literary heaven!  How cool is that?

I'm only downloading really big, thick books that I find are too big to carry in my bag onto my iPod.  And once I've finished them, I'll delete them from it to make room for another big thick book I want to download... not a bad plan, right?

And this got me thinking, which books have you all downloaded onto your e-readers or iPods/iPads to read lately - and over the holidays - which you have lovedWith Apple, your downloads are kept in a back-up library, so if you want them back you can re-download them again.  How do you keep your already read e-books?  Are they backed up on a computer?  Or do you delete them once they're finished?  Until my next post, happy reading!  


  1. Thanks for sharing, I didn't realise you could get books through iTunes.

    1. You can get all kinds of things through iTunes. I've seen movies, apps and books in the store. And a lot of my apps have been free too. Just like I did with my books, I typed in the search box 'free apps' and a huge variety popped up and I searched through and looked at them. The great thing is that you can look at each one you want and - before downloading it - you can look at how other people rate it (if it's good or bad; find out the good points of back points about them). It's great. I have been enjoying looking at apps and books that are free for a few months now and have had fun downloading them. However, I've only downloaded the ones I need (the apps that is); and just recently, I downloaded a 'To-do' List... very useful when I've got a busy day and a list of things to get done. :D The free shopping list is even better! :D

  2. I always downloaded free ebooks from Amazon to my iPad or Kindle. I never thought, let along knew, that iTunes gave away free books. I'll have to check into. Plus, the book, Parallel, which you've reviewed sounds good.