Saturday, January 12, 2013

Musical Stories

I love music and I love stories; and I love it when I find a vinyl or cd where the both are mixed: musicals or soundtracks.  This is where Hollywood has really done it's homework.

But it didn't start there.

As some of you who follow my other blog - My Book-Crazy Life - you'll know I collect vinyls; and I have a very big collection of them.  They are known to take over the living room a little; but they have their place when I put them away.  And I love them.  I collect soundtracks to movies, television shows and comedy acts as well as poets and people who can make sound affects with their mouths (Wes Harrison is one who I laugh my head off as and am amazed at at the same time!  God rest him!).  However, the ones I'm talking about are the composers like Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.  
I'm a big collector of Mozart and have found that his concertos tell a great story.  They go for around half an hour and come in four parts - sometimes three - and they are brilliant.  And set to a ballet or a play, they tell the story.
However, last week, I bought a 3-vinyl set where the whole concert was recorded - voices and all - on the vinyls and I could sit and listen to the whole thing.  It's an Opera Seria and once you've listened to one, it's like being there.  I loved it; and that was only the first album.  

Another set of albums that are like this is 'War of the Worlds'... which was a book first.  However, once it was turned into a stageplay and set to music, it really took you to Woking in the UK and told you the story.  My folks have the vinyls to this - and I refuse to listen to 'War of the Worlds' in any other way.  I just love it this way as it's been the only way I've listened to it for my whole life.

So, how many sets of music do you know of tell a story?  I've mentioned two or three here, but there has to be more.  Until my next post, happy reading!  

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