Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Heat Is On!

Well, it's smack dab in the middle of Summer here in Australia and we're sweating it out horribly!  I'm sitting here in the only room in my townhouse which has an air-conditioner in it, reluctant to leave because the rest of the house is stinking hot.  And do you blame me?  This little room is also where my stock of books are; now if only I had an endless supply of food here I'd be set!  Only joking.

So, this really had got me thinking.  What do you read when the extremes hit your country?  If you've got a blizzard outside and there's no phone lines, internet and the television isn't working (no reception or cable) I'm wondering if you guys break out the board games, sit and talk to each other or do you all get in and do a big read-a-thon and see who reads the most in the amount of time it takes for the blizzard or bad weather to pass?

As for Australia?  When it gets hot, we stop moving.  Moving just takes up too much energy and we sweat too much when we move.  So watching television or reading or sleeping is a good thing to do.  I much prefer reading as it's something I enjoy.  However, when the heat reflects off the concrete and into my house and carport, there's really nowhere to go.  So, I close up the house as much as I can and drink loads of water and keep on reading until I snooze the afternoon away.  And the books I read?  Well, I try to read books that have a lot of snow, cold and skiing in them.  Or if I can't find those, I try to find ones where the characters are by the water and enjoy swimming and water activities.  Yep, my imagination gets a work out that way.  Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. Well, thank goodness we don't get extreme heat during the summer months here where I live as we live a half mile from the Pacific Ocean, but inland it can be very hot.

    It's winter here now and although we don't receive snow or have super cold weather like other areas of the country, it does get mighty cold. In fact we seem to be having a colder winter here than usual this season. From early to mid-December onward, it has been really cold. So much so I've been turning on the room heater in out livingroom/dining area to take off the chill. Usually, dressing up in warm layers will suffice in keeping one warm indoors without a heater indoors. Not this season. It's been in the 30s at night and 40s early morning. yesterday was in the 50s (all temperatures in Fahrenheit as I don't know them for Celsius). I dislike cold weather! Anyway, I digress!!

    In weather extremes, I read, spend time on the computer surfing the web, blogging, emailing, and so on. Plus watch television.

    1. I guess no matter where we are in the world, we all seem to do the same things in similar weather. Hot, cold, or in between: we all either read, watch television or sleep just to while away the hours. :)