Monday, January 28, 2013

Weather Extremes

Over the last week, here in Queensland, we have had some weather extremes.  From the extreme heat and dry, to Tropical Cyclone Oswald hitting Cooktown and then turning into a massive rain depression and cruising down the Queensland coastline. This depression has brought with it destructive winds with it.  However, when this kind of thing happens, many people lose a lot their property, power, water and other personal items.  I often wonder how many lose so much only to have to start over again.

I've been lucky in my life that I haven't really lost anything due to Mother Nature taking away anything from me.  However, I do fear her destruction. Last night, I read until around midnight and then found I didn't sleep very well.  So, what I've been feeling is very tired from these sets of storms.
Even though reading books and editing my own works does help to get my mind off the extremes of weather, I'm wondering what you do to keep your fear at bay when a massive storm hits.  Be it a snow storm or a typical summer thunderstorm, what do you get up to?  Until my next post, happy reading!  


  1. Where we live, there aren't snowstorms, hurricanes/typhoons. Fear of flooding, etc.

    However, that doesn't mean we don't have natural disasters here. I live in California, land of the earthquakes, which are common as the State of California itself lies on the San Andreas Fault. In fact, thousands of small earthquakes occur annually, most of which cannot be felt. There are some huge earthquakes that do strike it big and cause major destruction.

    I still remember the 1994 Northridge (suburb of Los Angeles) Earthquake. The destruction and devastation was awful.

    Drought is a common occurrence here in our region. In the past, brush fires have started due to dry conditions and 'sundowner' winds ( have on occasion made it more difficult for fire fighters to contain fires once they start.

    Thank goodness, destructive earthquakes and major brush fires are not that common here.

    These are about the only major natural disasters

    1. Earthquakes are here too, but they're not felt and are very tiny. And seeing Australia is on its own Continental Plate, we don't have any massive faults like the San Andreas Fault or the other one that runs parallel to it near and around San Fran... both which are really huge obsessions of mine (weird but true!).

      Tropical Cyclones are common here in Australia and they usually arrive in November and leave us in Feb/March. However, along with the cyclones, we have our storm season which batters us around like you wouldn't believe. This is when a pile of good books do come in handy and a book light too. :D
      One to keep my mind off what's going on outside, and the other to light my page for when the lights go out. :D