Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Home From Holidays!

Hi to you all and Happy New Year!  So, how was your New Year's Eve?  All fun and games or quietly curled up with a book and a coffee/hot chocolate?  Me?  I was partying hard with friends and family at the Brunswick Heads Bowls Club dancing up a storm and enjoying wonderful food and fantastic live music!

But I was also enjoying myself looking around the little seaside town as I wandered around my favourite hang-out from my childhood.  Yep, I grew up at Brunswick Heads from the age of 6 or so.  Over time, this place has had some little bookstores, book exchanges and other book-related places.  However, they have struggled lately to keep a proper bookstore in townl and this is unfortunate.  
This holiday, I have noticed that at the Visitor's Information Centre on Park Street - where you catch the bus to go anywhere up and down the coast - the locals are doing their best to keep the town reading.  Outside and inside the place are boxes and boxes of books going for an absolute steal!  They are all second-hand and are recent publications too.  However, they also sell vinyls and other bits and pieces that are second-hand as well as the new touristy things like postcards, mugs, key-rings and other great little things to say you've been to Brunswick Heads.  How cool is that?

Another place to suss out is the local library which is the most colourful building I've ever seen in my life!  Each time I see this place, it brings a smile to my face... it truly does.  But it's never open over the Christmas/NYE period, which is a pity.  Another place is Clem's Cargo.  This place used to have a whole wall full of books.  But now, it's only got a small book case of books.  Oh well.  The Op Shop wasn't going to be open again until 7th, January - and I wasn't going to be in town by then.  

The good thing is that I didn't buy any books while I was there.  I did read about 10 chapters of 'The Life of Pi' and about 30 pages of a Charles Darwin book and 25 pages of a Sigmund Freud book... so I got some serious reading done as there was no television or internet to distract me (yes, the caravan park WiFi was down for the whole time I was there; how ironic is that?).  However, I arrived back in one piece after a 2 hour bus ride and enjoyed every moment of it... listening to my iPod and reading from it and doing a few quizes on it.
Well, what did you all get up to over this time I was away?  Plenty of partying, too much eating and drinking and being merry?  Or kicking back and enjoying the time to yourself?  Until my next post, happy reading!    

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