Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last Day For the Summer Fun Event!

It's the last day of January and you all know what that means!  Today is the last day of the Summer Fun Event for 2012.  However, over the last week or so, here in Queensland, things have been less than fun; I'm sorry to say.  
As you've read in my previous posts, it's been very hot, very humid and very, very wet.  Along with this wet, we've had floods again.  Brisbane City has only just recovered from the 2011 floods and it happened again - but not as bad; and this time we were prepared for it.

But the event started out great!  I began writing about Graeme Base, who writes 'Animalia' where the books have illustrations of animals following the aphabet with adventures for children.  A brilliant author and artist.  Then, I chatted about Christmas Shopping, only the fewest of bookstore reviews, traditional books against the future of reading... and there were many other articles about books, learning to read and the love of books.  And then there were three great interviews from Karen Tyrell, Ged Maybury and Joanne Harris.  The last one had been used in fellow blogger's blog; but with her permission, and a mention of her blog, I reproduced it.  
Then, I went on a week's holiday.  You see, I had to get away from Brisbane for a reason.  My little bird died on 8th, December.  I didn't tell you all because I didn't want to ruin the enjoyment of the season.  She was such a lovely little thing and had lived a good long, happy life with me.  Little Miss Stevie was a Sky Blue Budgie who was 7 3/4 years old when she took a stroke on 1st December and survived it; then stayed with me another week before passing away from heart failure in my hands outside.  I will get another little bird again, but not for a while.  This is the reason why I went on holidays; otherwise I wasn't going to go anywhere and stay here.

This month, I arrived home on 2nd January, and got talking about free books off iTunes, musical stories like 'War of the Worlds' and 'Jesus Christ Super Star' and 'Phantom of the Opera'.  Then, I chatted about favourite poet, Betty's Reading Room in the Ireland where a cottage has been fixed up for anyone to settle in and read a book by a fire.  I then let you guys in on a report about the Booker Prize including banned authors this year.  Then, our weather took a turn for the worse and it hasn't really gotten better as it's still raining outside and it's still humid.

I hope you guys have found something over the last two months that you've enjoyed.  I know this year hasn't been as interesting as last year's Summer Fun Event, however there's always next year coming to look forward to.  So, until next year's Summer Fun Event, happy reading!     

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