Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Book Buys!

First I must apologise for being a day late in this.  Yesterday, my heart was not in it because it was the anniversary of when I brought my dear little bird home from the pet store 8 years ago.  And I really didn't feel up to writing or doing anything upbeat.  So, please do forgive me (actually, all I did yesterday morning when the alarm when off was pull the covers over my head and wish the day went away... yeah, I really didn't want to be anywhere near humans let alone a computer). 

But today is different.  I don't know how, but it is.  I've been out for a walk and the sun and breeze has made me look at my world differently.  And besides, my neighbour's cat came and sat on my lap, snuggling up to me at the back door seats; as though he knew something was wrong.  How sweet is that?  yeah, I itched like nothing else later on, but how could I resist a snuggle from a dear little cat like that?

Well, onwards with my April Book Buys we go!  I was very good during the month.  Actually, I didn't go anywhere much until the last two weeks; when I had a fortnight of appointments pretty much everywhere you can imagine... except a bookstore!  So, I kept myself from buying anything right up until the Logan Arts Festival when I became a part of the attractions and helped launch Ged Maybury's new book 'Nosebleed'; and he turned his single book launch into a double book launch by relaunching 'I Am Leather-man'!  How cool is that? 
So, while at the Logan Arts Festival, not only did I get up and bumble my way through a speech that was perfect on paper, but horrible when I read it! I also bought a few books while there - all in one day!  I bought 'I Am Leather-man' - a book I've been meaning to purchase all these years, but haven't - and 'Touchstone' by Letitia Coyne (another Logan City writer who put excerpts of this book onto her website, but I wanted to read the whole thing, not excerpts... so had to wait for the book to come out).  Then, just this Monday gone, I was at my craft group when one of the ladies brought along a box of books.  In her collection, she had a copy of 'Jaws' by Peter Benchley.  What a find!  And the best thing is that it's a second edition!  Very cool!  So, what have you found in your ventures in the last month?  Do leave me a comment let us all know.  Until my next post, happy reading!  

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