Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Digital World

I have found that the digital world has begun to take over everything.  From digital television (where our old analogue signal was turned off completely here in Queensland yesterday morning at 9am to allow for the digital signal to take over completely) to e-books, e-publishing and on-the-go blogging with ipad and ipods, the digital world is absolutely here and now.  

As of this month, I've read around 4 e-books without really realising it.  And while I was away at Brighton house sitting my brother's house, I wrote a few blogs on my iPod - not that they worked out all that great on there because my browser had a big hissy fit over the device I was writing on - but it was incredible that I could do a blog post from the comfort of my cosy bed at 1am in the morning when I found I couldn't sleep.  Pretty cool, eh?

And this is coming from a sworn traditionalist who said not 6 months ago they'd never read too many e-books.  Well, okay, I'm changing my tune just a little.  But isn't life about that?  Change that is?  I never thought in a million years I'd be writing a book review blog for millions of people to be reading across the globe on a home computer by the time I was about to turn 40.  However, here I am doing just that!  But then, I also didn't think my book collection could also nudge the 1,000 number mark either (okay, it did late last year, then I gave some away, it went under that wonderfully magic number).  

Around this time last year, I went into the settings of this blog and made this thing adaptable to smart phones, iPads and iPods... pretty cool.  And I remember letting you all know about it too.  I do hope you all remembered I did it to make 'My Reading List' available to you wherever you went, no matter where you were traveling.  You could be on a train with wi-fi and you'd be able to read up on my latest review, interview or idea about books and authors on your iPad or iPhone or Samsung device... and this blog would still be all here for you to read on the way to work, college, university or... well, anywhere else you needed to go... like an old friend who accompanies you wherever you're going.

So, yes the digital world has caught up with me - well and truly - but I'm still buying books (as you can see in the sidebar, I bought 3 yesterday at The Book Warehouse).  So, how has the digital world caught up with you?  For me, I've been making a shopping list on the app ShopShop and have been using that for the last 8 months - boy has it saved me money on paper!  And my To-Do list is also on my iPod too, so is my television guide when I do house sitting... it's an app called Zeebox which shows me which movies, shows and other great things that are on tv here in Australia.  I can also download free books off iTunes on my iPod... and here I was saying that this thing was crap when really I just had to fiddle with it more.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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