Tuesday, May 28, 2013

House Sitting Again

I'm house sitting - again!  Yep, it seems I haven't been permanently home at my townhouse for two months and I've been in and out of there like a blue-arsed fly lately.  Over the last fortnight, I've been coming to my parents' house to mind it for the first few days in the week, then taking off home to live at my house, then come back on the following Sunday... jeez, I'm really feeling burnt out; as you can well imagine.

However, this week, I've decided to stay here for the week and welcome my folks home from their holiday away.  So, I arrived here on Sunday and I'm not leaving until Friday.  This means I can kinda settle here and get used to feeding the wild birds from the back steps, watching the leaves fall from the Liquid Amber tree in the neighbour's yard, which blankets both our yards with beautiful, golden leaves all over our yards and enjoy the sun room that was built onto Mum and Dad's house a few years back in the morning. 
Yeah, seeing the days are cooler, there's nothing like sitting out the front there with a cup of tea or coffee just after breakfast and taking in a few rays while reading a book... very nice and warm, despite the traffic roaring past!

This week, it's been a little on the cooler side, though.  And seeing I'm not used to traffic driving past, I'm always up and down looking out the window at anyone who happens to coast past.  I guess I'm just being very aware and used to being in the relative safety of a unit/townhouse complex.  The one thing I have noticed with my folks' place is that they have one massive bookcase just inside the front door.  It's overflowing with reading material; and Mum's trying to find room for another bookcase around the place, but Dad's hoping she doesn't get another one soon.  Over the years, I've re-arranged this bookcase to have it in sections, and it's been good; then I've gone home knowing it's easy to navigate.  Then when I return, it's a mess time and again... I wonder how my Mum actually finds things in it, but now, I just let her rummage around in it and she does get in and finds books, but it takes time to get the one we're looking for.
For me, finding a book in my collection is easier.  If it's not in my Mt To-Be-Read, it's in my Mt Everest To-Be-Read... if not, I've put it away by section... and that's all too easy to find.  Just tell me what it's mainly about (horror, romance, childrens' book) and I can usually lay my hands on in a matter of seconds, or tell you where you can find it in the bookcases yourself.  In any case, when I'm house sitting at another house I always feel like I'm a little like a fish out of water without books around me, or my own collection in the same room with me.  Does that sound a little weird, or are there people like me out there who feel the same way when they spend time away from their collections?  Well, until my next post, happy reading!

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