Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Winter Reads Time!

Winter is just around the corner here in Australia, and the cold has visited us in the South East Corner of Queensland to give us a taste of what it's going to be like when it really hits!  But in other parts of the world, you're welcoming the Summer days... the long, hazy, lazy days of summer where the afternoons stretch good'n'long and don't ever seem to end.  

So, my question for you - my followers from all over the globe - today is:  what are you planning to read through the middle of the year?  

Me? I have some great plans.  Some include my iPod; as I scored myself a gift voucher from Paul D. Dail (have you guys entered his competition below to score yourself a free copy of his new e-book 'The Imaginings' yet?  If not, do and do so, I've got a copy of it off Smashwords and am enjoying it totally!).  Then, I thought to get my nose into 'Dandelion Wine' by Ray Bradbury to remind me of warmer days long gone.  I have other books on my Mt TBR by the office door of the likes of 'I Am Leather-Man' by Ged Maybury & Anna Venczel and 'Touchstone' by Letitia Coyne; both books I do plan to read over Winter.  

So, there's my Winter Reading Pile all organised.  I haven't named many as I love to absorb my reads more than zoom through them.  Have you got any books you'd like to get through this Winter/Summer?  Of course you do... leave a comment and let us know of them and it might lead the rest of us to find more to read as the year goes on.  Until my next post, happy reading!  


  1. Well, you seem more organized than me right now in terms of knowing what you'll be reading!

    I'm not sure what I'll be reading this Summer... Other than the book I'm currently reading now, which is 'The Madonnas of Leningrad' by Debra Dean.

    P. S. I read 'Nosebleed' by Ged Maybury earlier this month and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was riveted to reading this book. It's really well done! I need to review it on my blog... I was hoping to get my review posted this week, but it's been a hectic/fun/busy week here for me. :-) So, It looks like I'll be reviewing it another week.

    1. So happy you loved reading it! When I got to read it, I read the ending twice and still wondered what it was about... then I gave it to my Mum and she's enjoyed it too. I'd love to read a review from another book-lover/reader too, just to compare.