Monday, May 13, 2013

Racing Along!

Life is a race - sometimes.  But today, I've been invited to a writing race.  This is where I sit down for 3 hours in front of the computer and write as much as I can for that time.  Then, I report back to a Facebook events page and tell my friends (who have also taken part in this race) what I got done.  It sounds like a great way to get myself working on my books and to move my pages along.  I can't wait!

But!  (isn't there always one?)

The time I've gotta do this is during the time of 'Supernatural' being on television.  So, I'll be sitting down this afternoon and doing my 3 hour writing race.  It'll be something I can't wait to do; making my day completely full.

So, if you write, what do you do to keep yourself going?  How do you keep from your work going stale?  Do you take part in writing races or Poetry Slams online (I did that once on Facebook between 8pm and midnight and came out with the best work I've ever done; and ended up putting it into my poetry books).  Let us know - if you're a writer or a teacher of creative writing - how do you keep yourself or your students writing and creating? 
For me, this is one way.  However, I have books to help me and I just keep on plugging away at storylines.  I also have other hobbies which tap into other parts of my brain to help me tackle my writing from another angle, to help me slow down a little and make sure I don't see the forest for the trees instead of being too close to the work.  Well, until my next post, happy reading!   

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