Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Book Buys!

I've been a bad, bad reader!  Yep, I've fallen off the budget wagon, tried to get back on it, but kept on happily jumping off it just to get those bargain buys.  And it's awful when you do that and you come home only to find that you have to figure out where to put the new purchases.  This is why I have tried not to buy too many books this year - and have been failing terribly.  So, let's see what I've done to the budget this month!

I went okay for the first half of the month... seriously I did!  Right up until the 19th, August, I was good.  I kept my purse tied and inside my handbag and away from the sales. I happened to drop into the Book Warehouse at Springwood and found 'How to Survive the Titanic or The Sinking of J Bruce Ismay' by Frances Wilson for only $8.00.  On the same day, I off to my Craft Afternoon and found 'Tara Road' by Maeve Binchy and '44 Charles Street' by Danielle Steel to bring home with me too.

Over the next few days, I found books I wanted and found myself buying them as though I had no willpower of my own!  How disgusting of me.  I bought 'Black Ties, Red Carpets, Green Rooms' by Richard Wilkins which was found at the Book Warehouse for $6.00 on 20th, August.  Then, two days later, I was off to Garden City to pick up two books I had ordered in off QBD's website:  'The Blue Blazes' and 'Blackbirds' by Chuck Wendig.  I had paid half of it when I order and the rest when they showed up.  And if I hadn't already bought too many books this month, I found 'The Dark Tower - Book VII' by Stephen King (from his Dark Tower Series) so I have the whole series now, in QBD as well.

Less than a week later - 6 days later actually - I was off doing my grocery shopping when I dropped into Life Line to look around and found a nice little necklace.  I thought: 'Yay!  I didn't buy any books!' But then I had to look to my left when I walked out the door and found a collection of hard cover books of Piers Anthony works.  So, I sorted through them and found first editions of:  'Firefly', 'Tatham Mound - A Novel', 'Ghost' and 'Secret Spring' the last one of which he wrote with Jo Ann Thruesh.  Another book I found was a biography 'Patrick White: A Life' by David Marr.  I scored all of these books for $15!  And they are all first editions.  Two of the Piers Anthony books are printed in the USA and say so on the dust cover and inside the first few pages.  

This has left me with a heck of a collection of books I have bought over the last month; and feeling kinda bad I bought them all and yet I'm struggling to find places for them as yet; and I haven't read any of them.  
So, what have you purchased this month?  Great deals like me?  Ordered off the net or have you been better controled than me and reading just what you have in your collection?  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I've already lost count on how many books I've purchased during the month of August... I'm guessing around 10 - 12 books.

    Here I've recently decluttered my bookshelves and gave away 42 books only to add more. Yikes! I have so many books to read already.

    1. I know how you feel! I went and counted up all the books I bought and downloaded this year... 35 books! How did I do that, I'll never know. :P

  2. I totally understand! I've tried to be better too and only buy physically what I was next ready for, but somehow you can just lose your mind when they're right there in front of you! I've re-discovered the library though, and have been so impressed with how they've advanced technologically, such that I can check out ebooks and audiobooks from them online and not even set foot inside! I was pleasantly surprised at how advanced they are, so I'm trying to utilize that more! You did make some great buys there, so try not to go too hard on yourself and just enjoy them! ;)

    Thanks so much for the visit!

    1. I tried going to libraries, but with only a month to read the books, I find the length of time to have the book in my possession just isn't long enough. So, actually owning the book is the way to go for me... but then, there's always the problem for space, eh?

      I'm still very stoked about the Piers Anthony books I found. :D

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