Friday, August 16, 2013

More Than A Good Book Shop!

Today, I went out for a drive to Park Ridge.  I'm visiting a friend's place I haven't been to before and thought to see where it was before I actually went there, in case I got lost, then I could take my time getting home.  However, it was a lot easier getting to and from the place and I anticipated.
However, on my way home, I thought I had gotten off at the wrong off-ramp from the Mt Lyndsey Highway, but I hadn't.  And I looked to my left and found 'The Really Good Book Shop' was on the off-ramp.  So, I quickly changed lanes and pulled into the tight-fitting carpark and found a spot to slot the Pajero into, locked it up and went inside.

This place is a complete shocker to the uninitiated!  There's shelves and shelves and shelves of books, lining the walls, from floor to ceiling; most of those shelves are double-parked - so it's best if you take a few books out and look behind them if you're looking for something by a particular author.  I found the Horror section and looked for 'The Dark Tower' - which is book 7 of The Dark Tower Series, but couldn't find it.  I was hoping to find it here second hand; oh well, didn't matter, I tried.  

But the amount of authors this place has is amazing!  There's also a huge wall of romance novels, chic lit, paranormal romance, cookbooks, books on pets, animals, textbooks and a massive wall dedicated to biographies and autobiographies!  
The Good Book Shop has so many books it can't shelve them all.  They have so many piled in their aisles and more stacked on top of their bookcases and even more sitting on two-wheel trollies and around the place as well, that it's best if you're not in a hurry to get around the store... just walk slowly, and watch what you're doing with your feet before you walk anywhere.  I even knocked over a pile of books, felt really bad and stacked them back up again because they were blocking an aisle.  Then, I looked around and had miss-placed the book I had chosen to buy for myself - oops! - and had to hunt around for a bit to find it again!  I was told by another customer that people miss-placing what they wanted to buy happens a lot, and to keep an eye on what you want to buy all the time because it's easily lost in the place.

But this place is a wonderful store.  The best thing I love about it, is that The Good Book Shop is also a book exchange.  You can buy a book here, take it home, read it and come back and get a store credit on your next book.  So, if you buy more than one book, you have more money to spend on your return - just like the old book exchanges from years ago which have been run out of business because of the good ol' internet.  Personally, I love book exchanges as they encourage recycling and community awareness an the same people come back again and again to the same place; and get to know each other.  It's a good thing for the community when this happens.  I did buy a great read that I have been wanting to own for some time - '84 Charring Cross Road' by Helene Hanff - and so I'm sure I'll come back to the place again to buy another book and begin on my store credit; and I'll take my Mum here too, so she can have a look around as well, as she loves to read too.  Until my next post, happy reading! 


  1. Good shop to buy books. I like this informative post.

  2. I have been inhabiting this book store for about 5-6 years now and have found you can't walk out of there empty-handed. if you cant find what you want Wendy and Peter will know and if they cant get doesn't exist. Wendy is always available for a good chat and we even have a book club of Paranormal Romance Readers that meet 2nd Thursday of every month, of which Wendy is our organiser and makes sure we know what is new with our fav authors and what new books by new authors are coming out.