Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Journaling Types

I've been very busy lately around my place, and I've been keeping different types of journals while I've been working too.  
Being a writer, an artist and a gardener, I keep a journal for each type of hobby I take part in so I know where my projects begin, how I get them done, how much they cost me, and when they are completed.  It's just something I do.  And I've found in my travels to second-hand bookstores that writers and famous people also did the same thing.  If they were big gardeners, they kept gardening journals of how they built their gardens, where they bought their plants and where they planted them and when.  
Artists do this with their paintings and work as well as take photos to keep track of how long it takes for them to work on their pieces.  It's all a record-keeping thing for them; even if it's time-consuming.

I have begun my second Gardening Journal just last year and am happy to report it's a great book.  It's a proper gardening journal which has tips and advice on how to grow other plants besides the ones I wish to grow and little pockets where I can put packets of seeds and names of plants I have heard of and want to look at, receipts from shopping at Bunnings - or other gardening stores - and other little things within its pages.  I thought it was such a great book that I bought a second one, but not for myself, I bought it for my brother and his fiance as they have a large garden filled with fruit trees and they wish to begin growing a veggie garden soon, so it'll come in handy for that too so they know when to rotate their crops.

So, do you keep a number of journals for your work around your house, or your reading or writing?  If so, how long have you kept it?  Or is it something you just write you inner-most thoughts in?  I also have one of those and have been keeping a personal off-line journal since 1997; which brings the number of journals to over 30 books I've written in!  Until my next post, happy reading!

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