Monday, June 15, 2009

The American Night - Volume 2 by Jim Morrison

The second book of Jim Morrison's poetry, lyrics and his Paris journal, this is another must-have for all those who have been following this legendary song-writer's life. I received this book along with the first one ('Wilderness') from a friends in the States; and I haven't parted with them. This one and the first have often given me pause to reflect on exactly what kind of person James Douglas Morrison was when he was alive; as I was born a few years after his untimely death.

Jim Morrison's life was varied and full - even though he lived to be only 27 years of age and died in Paris. 'The Doors' were his band and there was a lot of history between the guys he worked with. Danny Sugarman wrote a book called 'The Doors - Illustrated' and I have found this large book full of information, photographs, interviews and chronologically informative from beginning to the end of one of the most interesting lives I've ever come across. A lot of song-writers have poetry books, however, Jim Morrison's poetry will live on forever; just like his legendary voice and music with 'The Doors'.

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