Monday, June 15, 2009

The Green Witch - A Modern Women's Herbal by Barbara Griggs

This is a book I've had on my shelves for years; and yet whenever I feel as though things aren't working, I can look it up in here and find exactly where I've gone wrong. This is a modern and comprehensive guide for home or garden in the use of herbs; for beautfy or hygiene, for relaxation or relief from illness. Now, more than ever, people everywhere are turning to the world of plants to find alternative remedies. The various sections included uses in wild food, spices, fragrant herbal baths and an important section on remedieds for adults and children.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to find out anything about Barbara Griggs on the net. She doesn't have an official website for me to be able to sent you to and there's nothing in the back or front of this book to say where she's from or her education or her herbal background. However, if any of you find out a good site that I could put up here for everyone else to be able to have access to, please leave a comment and tell me that url so Barbara's name can join the evergrowing list of authors on the sidebar. Thank you.

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