Monday, June 22, 2009

Graphology by Peter West

Have you ever wondered what your hidden meanings are exposed through your handwriting? Have you got an anger issue that you are keeping under wraps, well your 'Y' and 'G' may be outing you there. You may be hanging on to your past just by the way you cross your 'T's. And your attitude towards life is all exposed in the way your writing is angled - or not if it's so tight it doesn't have room for it. Do you write to the margins left and right and top to bottom so there's no room for error? Or is your writing more easy on the eye. Everything - well almost everything - may be answered about you and your personality through this nice little book.

Peter West is a well-known professional handwriting analyst. He writes columns on graphology for several publications and on the Internet. He has had seven books published on the subject of handwriting analysis. Another book he's written is titled 'The Handwritings Analyst's Toolkit: Character and Personality Revealed Through Graphology'. He also edited 'Patricia Marne's Manual of Graphology' which is hard to find and is known to be out of print; however you can find it online.

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