Thursday, June 18, 2009

Perfect Preserves by Hilaire Walden

What a wonderful book to use and have in your kitchen. I have had this one in my kitchen for some time and used it to make Lilly-Pilly Jam a few years ago; very successfully as well! Well, kind of, I accidentally left the seeds in...oops! Otherwise, it was a lovely jam to eat and I can't wait to try out another fruit; this time, I'll take out the seeds! I highly recommend this book to somebody who is a novice when it comes to making jams and preserves. It has clear and precise instructions on what to do and how much of each ingredient to include; without confusing the cook!

Hilaire Walden has been involved with cooking and food for decades and she worked development for several major companies in the food industry. She then moved into food and wine writing and was chief editor for Anne Willan; the noted cookbook author and proprieter or a cooking school in France. Hilaire has written dozens of cookbooks and contributes to magazines, newspapers, television and radio on a regular basis.
Her most recent books are: 'The Dinner Party Cookbook', 'Sensational Preserves', 'The Moroccan Collection' and 'Mediterranean Cooking'. She makes her home in the secluded, rural countryside of England where preserving is very much part of the culinary tradition. (as taken from the back leaf of the book).

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