Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Night Shift by Stephen King

The last time I had this book, I gave it away to somebody on Bookcrossing.com. And now, I've got it again in hardcover, I think I'll keep it for some of the stories. This wonderful storyteller has had me under his spell since I was around sixteen and no matter how many times I check under the bed or make sure the wardrobe doors are closed, I just can't seem to get enough of this work. And this lot of creepy, weird stories is no exception. Once I gave away the last copy I had, there was one story I wanted to read from it; isn't that just the way?
From 'Graveyard Shift' to 'Trucks' to the very creepy 'Lawnmower Man' (which was later made into a brilliant movie; along with 'Trucks'), these stories will have you keeping on the reading lamp long after you promised yourself that you were going to turn it off - four nights ago!

Now, I've written about Stephen King a few times here, so I'll just lead you to his link on the side bar. Search there more and you'll probably find other authors you'll be interested in as well.

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