Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thief of Words by John Jaffe

Jack and Annie are in the writing industry and have met up for the first time on a blind date; organised by a mutual friend. For a good part of the afternoon, they talk about their lives and Jack finds that Annie has been through a rough divorce. So, he decides it'd be fun to rewrite her memories via e-mail and help her recover and win her heart while doing it. However, there's something else in her past she hasn't told Jack; and Annie's terrified that if he knew he'd dump her in a minute. It's the reason she's not a hot shot journalist or famous writer and is only a book agent; even for the most pickiest of authors.
When Jack's newspaper does an article on plagiarism, her name shows up on the list to be interviewed and one of Jack's employees tracks her down. Will her secret be out and destroy their relationship? Or will Jack's old flame from an old affair throw a spanner of a different kind into the works?

John Jaffe is a pseudonym - a mixture of two names - John Mauncie and Jody Jaffe. They co-authored this book and another one as well. However this very book ('Thief of Words') was the prequel of their relationship and marriage. What a storyline for a book. Their most recent book is titled: 'Shenandoah Summer' which came out in October 2007.

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