Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference by Writer's Digest Books

If you've ever wondered how a sci-fi fantasy writer gets their information correct and along with the right swords, chores for the people inside a castle and military ranking correct, they're most probably in possession of this book - or something very similar. I bought this book with a gift card at the American Bookstore in Brisbane City; and before I even set foot in the place, I knew exactly which book I wanted from there.
This book has become the most valued out of my non-fiction collection and so whenever I need it for my fantasy writing, I grab it off the shelf immediately before I run out the door with my notebook because I know I'll be needing it for one thing or another. If you're a writer of sci-fi fantasy then you need this book in your shelves.

Writer's Digest
has chronicled the culture of the modern writer and they have continued this great tradition through relevant first-person essays, interviews with bestselling authors and profiles with emerging talent since 1920. This magazine has been putting out books to assist writers for some time; and this book is one of only a few that I have in my possession.

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