Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wilderness - The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison: Volume 1

I received this book from a penpal in the States years ago and have read parts of it over the years when I felt like grabbing some inspirational ideas to start off to start off my own work. This first book of Jim Morrison's works covers poetry between 1966 - 1970, places he's been, The Village Tapes and an index of first lines to poems. It's impressively written in his style with hand-written work across the page from typed-up material of the same poem (I think the publisher just wanted to show what his handwriting looked like) and photographs of the Lizard King himself.

Born 8th, December, 1943, Jim Morrison took on the Bohemian lifestyle and lived and slept where he could while attending UCLA as he was literally homeless. Jim was a voracious reader of books, he started a rock band with fellow student Ray Manzarek after he graduated they dubbed 'The Doors'. Their rock'n'roll music took on the world with their songs topping the charts.
His lifestyle leaned on mysticism while engaging in drugs, alcohol and bizarre behavior leading to many legal confrontations with the law. However, Jim Morrison's health was in decline by his early 20's; so he took off to Paris with his long-time girlfriend. Jim Morrison (The Lizard King) died in Paris, France, on 3rd, July 1971 from a drug overdose and is now buried in the Famous Le Pere Lachaise Cemetery in eastern Paris; where it stood without a headstone for many years until the Paris government placed one there. It has been vandalised and been replaced a few times and now has night lighting and night guards with dogs present all the time. From what I've read on other sites about it, Jim's grave will soon be moved from its present site but I'm not sure where.

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