Saturday, February 11, 2012

By The Light At Night

Once in a while, we all use one:  a reading light.  However with so many out on the market right now, which ones do you like to use?  Which ones are the real deal and which ones are just posers (good looking but really do nothing at all).  I have road-tested three such lamps and found there was one that I love; and funnily enough it was one I scored from a magazine that I use the most.
The first one is a headlamp you attach to your head with an elastic strap and switch it on.  It's quite good, runs on lithium batteries and is nice and bright.  However, it's not easy to remove and even harder to switch off; but it is useful for around the house for other times as well.
The second one is a Mighty Bright Reading Lamp which I won from Good Reading Magazine for writing in a letter to them.  My letter was published in their monthly magazine and the lamp arrived in the mail.  How very cool!  And the best thing is that this little lamp has a flexible neck, you can use one or two lights and it clips onto your book or you can sit it onto the table... very convenient.
The third reading lamp is really weird.  Mum and Dad gave me it to see if I liked it only due to the fact that they felt it didn't really work for them.  Mum found it didn't light the right parts of the book she was reading and Dad found it wasn't bright enough for the size book he was reading and the light didn't reach all the way down the page; even when he tried to move its neck, it moved back to where it was originally set.  So, I brought it home and thought to try it out; and sure enough, this light-weight little lamp may be cute, looking like and acting like a little robot, when you opened it.  It swung open, switched on and arced over... very futuristic.  However, its appeal stops right here.  Nothing about this light works the way you want it to.  And putting it back together in a hurry is harder than it looks.

So, what reading lamps have you come by that have worked for you?  Where did you get them?  Were they cheap and nasty and worked like a dream, or expensive and didn't work at all?  Love to hear from you all.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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