Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Who's Who of Reading What.

It's late here in Brisbane.  All the lights around the other units in my complex are out and my place is about the only one that has its lights on.  I don't sleep very well most nights and have to wait until my mind slows down enough for me to get into the sleep mode; and until it does, I'm stuck with being sleepless in Brisbane.  

However, it's at these late hours I have my best ideas.

Tonight, I've been running around on Google looking up famous people who read.  I don't care if they're actors or musicians, if they're dead or alive, if they're politicians, fellow writers, or nobodies... so long they read.  And I'd like to know exactly what they read so we can all get an idea what makes the famous people we look up to and follow for a good part of our lives tick.  Why they are how they are and where they are in their lives; and is it because of what they read?
However, I couldn't find a single, recent article - that wasn't written last year - to put up here.  So, I'm putting out the word:  do you know anyone famous who reads a multitude of books?  Do they have a massive library - like most writers - or do they just love to read while traveling across the globe like most musicians while they're on tour.  Love to hear about who you know who reads... it'd be interesting to know who reads what; and who we never thought would read, and does.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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  1. Hi!
    I don't know if you can get BBC iplayer, but a new series started yesterday, 'My Life in Books' which consists of well known people discussing their favourite books. It's all tied in with World Books Night.
    Here's the link: