Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Summer of Fun Event - An Overview

Tomorrow is the last day of this great 3-month event!  How much has happened over this Summer?  Lots!  And there's so much more to do next year too!  There was a lot uploaded, interviews on YouTube (which I'll be keeping throughout the year once or twice a month), a few book reviews, bookstore reviews, links to poets sites, other links to book blogs and even more links to great and beautiful bookstores and libraries.  I wrote about books, old books, new books and other aspects of books... and there was an interview with Estelle Pinney as well (this is something I'll be improving on; getting more interviews with more authors by next year's event).

We chatted about collections - yours, mine and other people's - and how they're all kept.  And reading!  What we're reading, what we'd like to be reading, what books we've bought to read recently and products that hold and light up the pages of our books too.  Authors have been talked about, and how they changed our lives and why we keep going back and reading their books again and again; while other authors, we read their works once - and that's it, we don't go back.  

Yes, the last three months have been full of the complete joy of books.  We've all read to our heart's content about everything there is about the written word; and you know, I'm going to miss how busy this has made me.  However, it might kick-start something in me.  I'll get myself out there to look into bookstores and review them more around Brisbane.  I'll find more places to go in the search of the written word - old and new - and keep you all informed about it.  

So, until my next post... and until tomorrow... happy reading!

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