Monday, February 27, 2012

February Book Purchases!

This month hasn't been a big one for buying books, but the ones I have bought were good ones.  They piqued my interest and I wanted them for a reason; and isn't that the main reason for buying a book?  Well, okay, not necessarily, but for a good part of the time, it is, right?  I'll keep telling myself the same thing.
But first thing's first, I noticed I didn't do a January Book Purchases notice.  So,I'll be including some of what I bought in January in this as well... but not all the books I bought as I don't remember all the books I've purchased (I'm beginning to write them all down in a notebook to keep track that way in case I forget again).  
The only books I recall buying is 'Active Dreaming' by Robert Moss and 'Christian Slater: Back From the Edge' by Nigel Goodall.  But I don't remember which one was bought when.  I do remember that the Nigel Goodall book is out of print and I had to order it from the UK and waited three weeks for it; and it's only up-to-date until 2005, otherwise, it's a great book on his life until then.  The 'Active Dreaming' book is a brilliant reference book on our dreaming lives and how they aren't different to our waking lives; they actually interact.  It's not a book you read from beginning to end, but you delve in wherever you need the info and jump from part to part.  Now, I like that kind of book where it's not all that demanding.

In February, I wasn't in any big hurry to buy a book - after all I have so many here to dive into!  But I did read a review on 'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood and found out it was the book before 'The Year of the Flood' so I thought it was a good idea to read it before I jumped into her book that I bought myself for Christmas.  This was easier said than done!  I asked for it, but it was out of stock and I had to wait until was in stock at the warehouse.  This book took about two weeks to arrive.  I didn't mind waiting, it gave me time to do other reading and work on my paintings.
Then, I started planning my garden again.  It's been years since I worked on it and changed it; and this year I'm going to make some major changes to it and turn it into something I've always wanted - a proper little garden of hidden treasures.  The first thing I hunted down was a Gardening Journal big enough to be used over a few years, hold all the clippings from newspapers and other things I'd like and it had to have enough note paper in it for me to write on.  And I found a big one for $4.95 at the Book Warehouse just last week or so.  I'm very impressed!  A nice hard-covered book with everything I need to record and help care for any plant I choose to go into my garden.
So, what great finds have you made with books over the last month or so?  Were they useful and practical like my Gardening Journal?  Or just lovely books to own just because they were there?  Until my next post, happy reading!

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