Sunday, February 26, 2012

Golden Oldies

I remember when my Grandparents were around - mainly on my Mum's side of the family - they had a couple of bookcases chock full of books in the side verandah of their old Queenslander home at Tarragindi here in Brisbane.  I loved delving into that side verandah because it was always full of dusty old books that nobody read anymore and things that nobody looked at or used anymore.
However, when both Grandma and Grandpa weren't around anymore, a lot the things I used to fiddle with and books I read and pored through were shared amongst the family.  These books were old, out-of-date and very unusual; and I wondered if anyone would have a use for them anymore.
However, as I matured, I found that these books found a place on my bookshelves and take pride of place there.  Once such book is 'Short History of the English People' by John Richard Green.  My Grandpa owned a 34th edition of this book which was printed in 1926, but it was first printed in 1874.  Then, it was reprinted many times, expanded upon and then had an epilogue added onto it before this edition was printed.  I have searched around for another book just like it; however my search has dug up another two volumes, but they are either out of print or in just as poor condition as the copy of my first volume.
Other books that I have dug up are all sitting in the bookcase next to my computer desk out of direct sunlight to keep the spines from fading and pages from turning yellow.  Yes, I inherited a fair few books from that old house and quite a few of them have funny names.  There's one looking at me right now titled 'Receipts for Everything: The Book You Want: How To Cure Everything. How To Do Everything'.  It's a book by a certain Dr Chase who published all his recipes for everyone to use.  According to this book, you can cure everything from Whooping Cough to Chronic Gout... oh boy!  But then, again, back in the old days, everything had to be cured and worked with by house hold and pantry items in the first place; this is how medicine began isn't it?
So, what old books have you inherited and have been unable to let go of?  Know have an idea of which ones it is for me, so share yours with the rest of us.  Until my next post, happy reading!

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