Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Few Days of Silence

I've been cut off from my phone over the last week; and this wasn't my fault.  However, I did get in and look at things around my place which needed doing while I waited five days to have the phone line fixed.  
One of those things was to read a little more.  Isn't it strange how when one thing is removed from your life, you start looking around to replace it with something else very quickly to relieve the boredom that you know will sneak up on you?  I bought a book last month titled 'Active Dreaming' by Robert Moss.  I purchased it on Boundary Street in West End here in Brisbane and have found it the most wonderful reference book about just that; our dreams.  I had gone out and bought an Index Book and began index symbols in my dreams and came up with a lot of them; so many I didn't realise that I had actually dreamt of a camel until I wrote it down twice! 
The next book I was reading was '11-22-63' by Stephen King.  Now, this one has taken me a while to get through.  It's slowly getting around to what the story is about and I'm glad as it's something I don't wish to put down and push to one side just yet.  No, Stephen has pulled me in this far, I'm not giving up on this gem... not when he's given me all of this history and brilliance from his mind.  
And just yesterday, I picked up a book from QBD at Garden City titled 'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood.  I haven't read any of her work before; however I'm finding it very much like 'The Bee-Loud Glade' by Steve Himmer.  I do like this book very much, so far; and yet I'm only up to page 40.  So, what happens when the phone lines vanish on you?  Or the power goes out and you have a few days to yourself?  Do you get into reading more?  Do you sew or knit?  Is there a painting your pick at?  Let us know.  Until my next post, happy reading!


  1. I find that I read more books!! I whiz through books when I stay extended visits with my parents. For some reason watching television or spending time on the computer at my parents home isn't as interesting. Instead spending time with my folks or reading is more productive.

    I loved reading Atwood's Oryx & Crake. I am curious to hear what you think of it once your done reading it. Atwood is one of my favorite novelists.

  2. Unfortunately, reading isn't an option at my folks' place as Dad doesn't read; and when he doesn't read we're not allowed to either. It's just how it goes there. So, when I'm there, I stick around on the computer until he becomes bored enough and he hides under the house in his 'cave'... sounds horrible but it's true. Mum can't read books around Dad either.

    I'm around 45 pages into this book and it's been only 2 days... I'm looking forward to reading more soon. I have a few busy days ahead of me, and it'll be coming along with me to my appointments. :)

  3. Funny my dad is a television hog. He watches it endlessly upon returning home from work and he won't share the remote control! So reading in the evenings while visiting my folks when mom & I are not interacting keeps me busy.