Sunday, May 24, 2009

3001 Jokes, Games and Puzzles for Kids edited by Ward Lock Ltd, London

Wow! They don't make these kinds of books anymore. This book is the kind of book that will keep any kid who has been banned from the computer, X-Box or shoved outside occupied... well, hopefully it will. It's full of games and puzzles that kept me very much entertained when I was young and I was constantly carrying it around reading the jokes (even though quite a few of them were lame) and trying to figure out the puzzles in it.

I haven't seen a book like this since it was put out. There was a series of them if I remember correctly and I happened to get one; which I took care of. Seeing I don't know the authors, I can't dig up much about them. Also, I don't know all that much about the pubishing company either. So, I'm really sorry about how short this one is. If you do happen to come across this particular book, grab it and have a good read of what a kid from the 1980's used to read when we were at the birth of the computer age.

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