Friday, May 22, 2009

Word Up by Various Authors

This is an anthology of Australian poetry by young and upcoming poets from all over this great brown country of ours. And it was the brilliant idea of an off-beat radio station in the early 1990's to get us to put pen to paper; unless we were already doing that and we needed help getting noticed. Triple J is a radio station on the FM band that is run by the Australian Broadcasting Commission that plays new and upcoming bands and unearths new talent to bring them into the spotlight of the public eye. This book was what they were trying to do with poetry as well. I sent in some of my work to be included, however it wasn't accepted.

I bought this book as a contributor to it and was only a little disappointed to find that my work wasn't included. But the work that was is absolutely cool, amazing and brilliantly funny and colourful too! Go out and find this book. I bought mine at 'The ABC Shop' in Brisbane City; however, you're probably best to find this particular copy online.

Triple J started out in Sydney as 2JJ - or Double J in the mid-1970's. Since then, it's been unearthing new talent and bringing brilliant and pumping music to its listeners without fail. In my 20's I was an avid listener for some time and found that they were always up for new things. When some of my favourite announcers left, I changed stations, but I do sometimes have a listen to see what they're up to. Triple J is on the FM band of 107.7 and has lasted the test of time - as well as the generation gap.

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