Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Bachelor's Cat by L.F. Hoffman

When a ball of fur is found on the doorstep of man's house one cold morning, he does the right thing and takes it to an animal shelter. However, when the kitten returns a few days later, he takes it in and feeds it; deciding that it can't hurt to keep it for a while. Over the next few months and eventually years, this bachelor dates a few women that this cat shows a liking or disliking for in a few distinctively cat ways. Then, the man dates a woman the cat absolutely approves of and he makes the mistake of letting her go. Will he be able to get her back to keep his cat happy and finally find true love before she finds another?

I read this book over a weekend when my parent's television was in being fixed. It wasn't because I was a cat person; it was because I found it an endearing story about how animals can run our lives. And if we don't listen to them, they can be sometimes right about things.

Lynn F Hoffman holds a PhD in anthropology from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, where he wrote about men and women who go to sea in the American Merchant Marine. During the course of that research, he cooked on freighters and charter boats, served champagne to first-class, trans-Atlantic passengers. Dr Hoffman has crossed the Atlantic by steam, sail and plane. He is looking forward to rowing next time.
After a stint in the restaurant and bar business, Dr Hoffman returned to academia where he was a Scholar in Residence in Food and Culture in the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program at Dextrel for 15 years. He is the founder of the Drexel University Culinary Arts Major which accepted its first students in the Autumn of 1997. He's written restaurant reviews for the Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia Magazine as well as being the author of two textbooks: 'Good Food' and 'The Beer Book'.
Dr Hoffman is the author of the prize-winning novel 'Killers' and 1997's Christmas Selection from HarperCollins, 'The Bachelor's Cat'. 'Killers' has won awards from the Southwest Writer's Workshop and the Washington Prize for Fiction. His wine textbook 'The Short Course in Wine' is used in hospitality students and adult wine lovers. Another book he's written is titled 'Bang BANG' and it can be found on Dr Hoffman lives in South Philadelphia where he drinks homemade wine and shops in the Italian market.


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