Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cooking With The Young and the Restless editted by Robert Waldron & Martha Hollis

Yep, you read the title right. I own a book by the crew of the very Soap Opera people. This is a cookbook with a definite difference, though. It has recipes in it that are by the actors and they actually cooked them on the set and at home. And I tried one out once; and they definitely work! Everything's in pounds and ounces, but once I got that little detail out of the way, I had my fun looking at the other mouthwatering dishes!

This makes me wonder about other shows overseas. Have they had their fair share of favourite recipes they brought home from the set and vice verse. So, if you can, look around your charity stores for this one. Or look it up on the net with the isbn: 1558535489 and try and get your head around that it's just a book to laugh about; like I have. Or, you can do what I did, and try out one of the recipes and see how it goes.

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