Monday, May 4, 2009

Beach Babylon by Imogen Edwards Jones & Anonymous

The first time I found out about this series of books was through the television show 'Hotel Babylon' which was aired at a horrendous time of night; but it was hilariously funny and off-beat! And I loved it. After that, I looked around for a any books along the same lines and found this book at Garden City QBD in a toss-out bin. So, I grabbed it and began reading it on the bus home; and never got my nose out of it!

'Beach Babylon' covers a week of gorgeous weather, bathing beauties, millionaires and parties that go all night. Then, it also shows the other side of hotel management in the tropics! The bad weather, the rioting locals and staff, the late supply boat and the feeling that the manager is very, very alone in this world - despite being a on a gorgeous tropical island! Yes, running a five star tropical resort in the middle of the ocean has its up and downs; but if you can deal with the stress of the it all, it's bloody worth it!

Imogen Edwards-Jones gets together with managers of hotels and airlines to put together books about these particular kinds of jobs. The books cover a week in the job and is a conglomeration of the good, the bad and the ugly of exactly what can happen in that occupation. Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes it's dreadful. But the managers all do the job because they wouldn't want to do anything else. Her series of books are famous throughout the world and many people have followed her from her first. I've only just begun reading her work and am enjoying it thoroughly.

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