Friday, May 8, 2009

The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee

Jane lives a very sheltered life with her mother in permanent arrested development as the perfect child in house amongst the clouds. She does until one day, she goes out to a club with her friends and meets Silver. Silver is charming, witty, musical and handsome. Silver is also a robot.
Jane is to discover that true love and loyalty is expected from Silver. He is designed to love and be loyal. However, can Jane's untrustworthy, wealthy friends understand this? Can her mother? So, she flees from her sterile, life of luxury to live with her beautiful Silver man for the underworld of the city's slums. However, the forces of the government and big business are gathering against Silver and all of his kind. When machines become more superior to - and more human - to real humans, the only thing to do is dismantle them...

I first read this book in the mid 1980's and was completely touched by the love and charm of Silver. He was the ideal man... eeer... I mean robot. He was charming, could play music, sing and got along with everyone. However, the only problem with Silver was that he was the creation of Tanith Lee and she created a brilliant character that everyone loved. This was one of the first romances I read and I found it was to touching and yet futuristic enough to call it my first sci-fi novel as well. I have searched the net for the right book cover to match the one I have on my shelves without success; so I picked out the better-looking one from the two I kept being offered. I really wish the publishers showed the nice - more modern - one that didn't make Silver look so jaunty. So, I've done the next best thing and photographed the cover I wanted up on the post and uploaded it from my computer. This is because I find this cover more appealing than the ones I found on the net.

Tanith Lee has been working very hard on her books since 1986. And her other novels I have in my collection are 'Sabella' and 'Vivia'. However, after those two, I stopped collecting. There is news on the horizon of 'The Silver Metal Lover' being turned into a movie in the future; and so we better look out for that one! However, they are talking about Silver not having red hair; oh well, we can't win 'em all! Tanith has put out two books; one of novellas and one of short stories just this past year. And last August, she published 'Tempting the Gods' which was the first of a volume of a collection of hers; which will have another one out by the time I've posted this. A short YA novel titled 'Indigara' as well. Tanith has been doing a lot of research for her proposed dragons book 'The Firesmith'. She has also published some stories in 'Asimov', 'H.P Lovecraft Magazine', 'Weird Tales' and 'Noralanda/Leda' reprint. Also, there's a new Flat Earth Tale - 'The Snake' - to come in 'Realms of Fantasy'

(I found this info on: if you'd like more information and pictures of her as well).

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