Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Food Is That & How Healthy Is It? by Jo Rogers (Chief Nutritionist)

You wouldn't believe where which food actually comes from orginally and what you can do with it! This book is chock full of information from the nutritional information you'd normally want to where it's grown, to how cook it, store it and which one to buy at the market for longevity and taste. My Mum got me this for me when I began looking at being a vegetarian and seriously took an interest in my health; and I'm glad she did because there's so much food companies are not telling us about our food. For example: did you know that powdered milk and store bought milk are pretty much the same thing; just one is liquid and other is a powder where you need to put water with it? Nowadays, the powdered milk that's out there is so much better for us that you don't really have to buy the store bought stuff at all if you're really watching your budget.

This book covers everything from fish to tofu, from mangos to meat. It's the complete nutritional guide to good health and has answered nearly every question I've had about what food I put in my mouth.

Josephine Rogers is the famous Australian Nutritionalist who introduced the concept of the Healthy Eating Pyramid to all Aussies. She was involved with the development of the Healthy Weight Range based on the Body Mass Index and the majority of the ANF information sheets and booklets were either written by or under the direction of Jo Rogers. Jo worked at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for over 40 years before retiring in 1989 and she became Chief Dietition for only 3 years before Dietetic Training and took on the role of the Food Service Manager in 1968. Jo was instrumental in having the University of Sydney provide a postgraduate training of dietitians, a course in which she lectured in for many years. She is the only person US has awarded an honarary degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. During her long career, she influenced the nutrition policy throughout Australia. Jo co-authored many books on nutrition and wrote many scientific papers and articles. Jo Rogers was awarded membership of the Order of Australia in 1980. However, she passed away on 3rd, September, 1996 of a multiple myeloma, after being cared for lovingly in the Prince Alfred Hospital; the same hospital she worked in for many years.

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