Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to Write Love Letters by Michelle Lovric

This beautiful blue book is just enticing as it is without opening the cover. However, once you do, it goes through the history of love letters, where they come from and exactly how to write them. And that's not all, this book is very informative about which kind of paper, pen and how to verse things so that your letter really hits the right note for the person you're writing the letter for.

I bought this book some time ago when my boyfriend at the time had gone home (which was an 8 hour bus ride west to Roma in Central Queensland) and I wanted to keep the romance in our lives. It did help for some time; however I found the distance too much after some time. But I did learn how to write love letters and how to appreciate the written word more with the use of this book.

Michelle Lovric is a novelist, writer and anthologist whose last book, 'The Remedy', in 2005 was longlisted for the Orange Prize for Fiction. She combines her written work with editing, designing and producing literary anthologies including her own translations of Latin and Italian poetry. Her book 'Love Letters' was a New York Times best seller. Michelle Lovric divides her time between London and Venice where she holds a workshop in her home - in London - with published writers of poetry and prose, fiction and memoir.

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