Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Writing by Stephen King

This book is a marvelous and funny book to read. I first read it at around the turn of the Century and I still love to read it. Strangely enough, SK thought that if he wrote his own autobiography, he wouldn't be able to write as well as he used to. However, he was wrong. After he wrote this wonderful book of his life, information and exercises, his writing and books improved. I found the books that were published after 'On Writing - A Memoir' were more brilliant and focused than that others before it.

The best thing everyone got out of this was that he had created a website for the die-hard fans to congregate to; to ask the questions they've been burning to ask. This was one of the best things he did for us. Stephen King made himself more accessable without having to leave his house. It was a brilliant way to market himself and his books and to give everyone a heads-up on his interviews and anything else that was going on in his life.

'On Writing - A Memoir' is one of the best things to come out of Stephen King about himself. He didn't get George Beahm to write about him as he did with the other two biographies ('The Stephen King Story' and 'The Stephen King Companion') which I found left me feeling a little cold. This particular book by the very author made me feel like he was taking me along for the journey; much like he always has in his other books. Stephen always makes me feel like we're sitting down at a campfire and he's telling us a story; making sure we're sitting nice and close so we can hear it. However this story is about his life and how we can make it ours too.

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