Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Christine by Stephen King

Arnie Cunningham is in love. But this kind of love isn't for a girl at Libertyville High, it's for a car; and her name is Christine. She is a blood-red, fat and finned, 1958 Plymouth Fury. From the first day Arnie clapped his coke-bottle glasses on her rotting wreck from the window of Dennis' Trans Am, he was gone! Body and soul. Dennis watched as his best friend from childhood changed from a bumbling square who was bullied every single day to a lean, tough and intimidating person that even he was afraid of crossing. The reason Dennis was so afraid wasn't because of what Arnie might do to him, it was what Christine will do to him. Anyone who had crossed Arnie in any way so far had ended up dead and Christine seemed to take on a life of her own when the sun went down. But how was Dennis and his new girlfriend going to stop Christine before she killed him with her love without being killed themselves?

This book was my very first Stephen King read. I was sixteen and Mum didn't approve of me reading romance novels all that much and I didn't like what was out there; but I wanted to read Stephen King. So, once I got into this, I ended leaving my reading lamp on more and more. However, I haven't left it out of my book collection just because I haven't read it recently. Strangely enough, the book is far bloodier than the film... but the film is downright creepy! And ironically, I ended up owning a red car when I finally did get into driving!

Stephen King has written over 30 books in his lucrative career as a horror writer. He's got a massive fan base of millions and his books have been translated in many languages and turned into as many films. He lives in Bangor, Maine with his wife, Tabitha.

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  1. I've read all of The Man's books except the lastest, "After Sunset" ?. The only once I've kept was "Christine" purely for the cover ('57 Chevy?) and the whole of "The Dark Tower" series that I read in sequence about three years ago after he published the last volumes in the series. I read the others. Gunslinger etc, when they were originaly published but I sort of forgot the storyline. Recently purchased the set of comics based on this series. I recon "The Dark Tower" rates with Tolkiens "Lord of the Rings" - an amazing feat of storytelling!